I’ve just given a name to my Rust A-Life experiments and released them as a project at Rust-oids


This project started as a test bed for gfx-rs and rust_box2d wrapper. It gradually evolved to a sandbox emulator for little artificial things which were, possibly aptly, renamed “rust-oids”. I’m now looking into breeding/genetic algorithms and possibly simple neural networks.

Eventually I plan to plug in some sort of gameplay and release as a free game. Strictly evening/weekend toy project: don’t hold your breath.

Feedback welcome, feel free to submit issues to the GitHub repo


I’ve only built on Ubuntu GNU/Linux but I’ve got reports of successful builds on Mac OS + Homebrew. Aside from the full Rust toolchain, the following packages are required:

  • libbox2d-dev
  • libfreetype6-dev

How to play

  • Left mouse click: create bioid.
  • Left mouse drag: drop some balls.
  • Right mouse click, drag: move light.
  • B: set background tone
  • L: change light intensity
Published August 14, 2016